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Patmos Marketing - "the Why"

When was the last time someone really listened to you and wanted to understand where you are with your business today, where you'd like it to be, what's working, and what keeps you up at night?

So many small business owners are overwhelmed in this digital world where competition is just a click away. They know that leveraging technology can bring them more business, but they just don't have time to learn how to use it, much less manage it.

So many have also been burned in the past by marketers who just want to "get rich quick". They don't take the time to listen. They're good at using the tools, but they don't understand your business. They just push the latest tech on you, whether that's really what you need or not.

I've been in the software business since moving to Atlanta in 1992 after finishing my MBA at Clemson University. Over the past thirty years, I've helped some of the largest companies in the world implement cutting-edge technology. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

Like a lot of folks, 2020 gave me time to think. As fate would have it, I also had a bout with cancer in 2021-2022.

Coming out of all that with a clean bill of health and a new outlook on life, what I really became passionate about was using my background to help small business owners achieve their goals.

That's where the idea of PATMOS came about.

Our mission is to help local businesses thrive by bringing their ideal customer to them, so they can focus on doing more of what they love to do.

At PATMOS, we take a different approach. It's based on my own personal methodology that evolved over 20+ years of working with companies like Coca-Cola Enterprises, The Home Depot, Walmart, CapitalOne, Disney/ESPN, Macy's, and Marriott - among many others. We call it our Blueprint for Digital Transformation and it takes an "organic-first" approach that starts with you, the business owner, and your vision.

One thing I've learned is, for projects to be successful, the right foundation has to be in place.

For example:

  • If you don't have positive online ratings that are plentiful, recent and relevant, it won't do you any good to pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Over 75% of people searching for a service on Google compare ratings first before they click on a business listing. So, you're going to show up, and maybe even show up first, but your Click-Through Rates (CTR's) will be very low. SEO can be expensive. You just wasted your money.

  • If you pay for ads and the ads send people to your website and your website is hard to use, that's another example of how to waste time and money.

  • Lastly if you are getting visitors from your marketing activities and you can't communicate them via the channel of their choice, at the time of their choosing, in a conversational way, you're not going to get the ROI you expected because your conversion rates will be low. The next alternative is just a click away, and if they are able to engage with them and you're not, you just lost a potential customer.

That's why the first step in our blueprint, is to run some proprietary analysis and create a baseline score for your business. We map that to your assessment of where you see things and also where you want things to be, and we use that to put a game plan together that leverages technology to drive growth for your business, starting with the most basic, foundational components, and moving into more advanced techniques when needed.​

We are a "white glove" digital marketing agency that wants to help our local community thrive. We are tech evangelists, but we still believe meeting in person is the best way to do business. We love having customers become friends. Nothing makes us happier than seeing the results of our efforts increase profits for your business and income for your family.

Wherever you are in your digital journey, we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and explore ways that PATMOS can help take your business where you want it to be.

All the best,


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